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Rite-Way Compliance Group is an environmental compliance company specializing in developing, training and implementing comprehensive Fats, Oils and Grease Best Management Plans.

The Rite-Way Compliance Group FOG BMP when implemented, trained, and maintained will greatly reduce or eliminate emergency drain back-ups, reduce grease interceptor cleaning frequency and meet any municipal codes and mandates.

Our program provides the client with the tools to develop a customized management plan to combat issues generated from FOG discharge. The Program also includes a comprehensive employee training module, checklists to train managerial oversight, and customer consultation services.

As the commercial food service establishment industry continues to grow, governmental oversight will grow in turn. The BMP when supported by the experts from Rite-Way compliance Group will meet any municipal requirement.

Check out the about us page for more information.  http://www.fogbmp.com/aboutus.cfm